Imperial Neverland Army

The demons that control Neverland. Their assaults on human villages began the current hostilities.


Innate Skill Raging Soul Slash
Daughter of Janus, former ruler of Neverland. She inherited her power of flame from her mother's father, and she is known as the Exploding Godhand. After her father died, she organized a Demon Army that kicked off the First Neverland War. When the war ended, she went into deep hibernation, set to reawaken when Neverland was ready for another war. She appeared before Empress Roze and lobbied for the revival of Overlord Janus. She asked Roze to give her a unit to hunt for the Tenma Sword, which would allow Overlord Janus to be revived.


Innate Skill Sniper Shot
Served as a Neverland strategist in the early stages of the war. Shortly after that, he was reassigned to Hillo's personal unit. He's energetic and flirtatious. Many people don't take him seriously because of his general demeanor, but his skill with a gun is unbelievable. He also has a mysterious history with Hillo and Gail, from the Simba Army. He and Yunellia attended school together and are best friends to this day.


Innate Skill Black Soul Rune
A half-human, half-demon Empress directly related to Overlord Janus. Abandoned as a newborn, a human family took her in and raised her as their own. After her parents died, she supported her step-sister, Emilia. She swore vengeance on all humans when a Simba commander killed her sister during a raid. In Magic Age 1030, her friend Ashley convinced her to take command of the Demon Army. She declared independence for all demons and drove the former Simba Empire from Helhanpool. She then became the official Empress of the demon race. During the war, she began to question the use of violence for political ends. After the war, she worked to restore peace and order, and helped to introduce a number of disarmament agreements. Some believe, however, that if she had dealt more severely with her enemies, the war may never have begun at all. This idea haunts her constantly.


Innate Skill Shock Burst
He was one of many to undergo Anslow's artificial enhancements. When serving in the Demon Army, he was a fierce and determined leader, but he's also cruel and unforgiving. He helped raid Varanoire and kept one of the magical swords for himself, which he uses to strike down anyone who stands in the way of his personal plans and ambitions (even members of his own army).


Innate Skill Power Extension
A cold-hearted demonic nobleman. Generally calm and methodical, he works himself into a frenzy when faced with an opportunity to fight a worthy swordsman. He is now a respected military mind, but he once belonged to the horrific Blood Brigade, a demon death squad born during the Second Neverland War. When Roze undertook efforts to unite the land, she went to Siegfried to broker a union between his and her forces. Consequently, Siegfried earned a spot in her high cabinet, but they don't see eye-to-eye on many things. He formed and trained the Sordian Unit separate from the main Demon Army, and he conspired with Hillo to resurrect her father, Overlord Janus.


Innate Skill Lightning Blade
Hit by a bolt of lightning the moment she was born. Thanks to this, she can control the flow of electricity. She comes off as a loud-mouth tomboy at first, but she can be just as girly as anyone. She hates bugs and loves flowers. She's compelled to care for those in trouble and help people escape their problems. People tend to avoid her at first due to her intimidating nature, but those who know her love her dearly. After leaving Varanoire, she lived at home until the war began.


Innate Skill Desperado Muscle
King of the Vampires. He is respected for his boldness and honesty. After the First Neverland War, he entrusted Empress Roze to help protect his people. He saw in her the same qualities as his mother, Meim, who sought harmony between humans and demons. Because he and Roze understand each other so well, he has become her closest advisor and confidante. He married one of his officers and now has a daughter, the playful Princess Lisa.


Bayard's daughter. Her father and mother are both important members of the Neverland Army, so she spends much of her time with butlers and nannies. She can be selfish and rude, but it's just a cover for her loneliness and need for attention. Like many children, she thinks that negative attention is better than no attention at all. She quickly warmed to Max and already has plans to marry him.


Innate Skill Pulverizing Hit
An unusual, draconian reptile. After the Second Neverland War, he went to work for the Imperial Neverland Army. He dislikes war and believes the Neverland forces are the only ones capable of bringing peace to the land. He is generally calm and low-key, but like all of his race, he can be terrifying and lethal in battle.


Innate Skill Black Dragon Blade
Son of a human woman and a demon nobleman. His father abandoned him early on, and his mother died while he was still a child. Orphaned in a strictly divided world, he was shunned and outcast as an abomination. He grew to hate humans and demons alike, and eagerly joined the Demon Army during the Second Neverland War. But he maintained his honor and refused to kill for his hatred. After the war, he stayed in Neverland to serve Empress Roze.


Innate Skill Round Shot
A Varanoire graduate. She volunteered to join the Neverland Army after graduating from a prestigious military school and now serves as a commander directly under Hillo. She's very childish and self-centered, but nobody can challenge her skill with a gun. Witnesses say she handles the weapon as if it's part of her body, and some call her the Snake Princess. Nobody caught in her crosshairs ever survives.


Innate Skill Feather Storm
A warrior of the dwindling Birdman race. The drain and imbalance from the summoning of Otherworld souls and the war itself have enraged the creatures and turned them violent. They soon destroyed Kurt's village, which prompted him to begin fighting them himself. Eventually, Kurt overextended himself and suffered a serious injury. Hillo managed to save him, and he's devoted himself to her ever since. He is warm, brave, and can get along with anyone. He's incredibly stubborn and tolerates nothing he disagrees with. As a Birdman, he commands the skies in battle.


Innate Skill Crushing Blow
Joined the Demon Army during the Second Neverland War. He uses his dazzling spear to command the battlefield. He is known as Raining Stone for the way he falls on his helpless victims. However, he is very caring and treats new soldiers like his own children. Outside of battle, he can always be found singing or dancing, and generally acting a fool. All manner of creatures love him for his kind, caring, cheerful personality.


Innate Skill Sneaking Magic
A professional thief that can sniff out even the most well-hidden treasure. She inherited her abilities from her parents. She can disable any trap and any lock. She's been to countless remains and stolen all kinds of valuable stuff, but she cares more about the act of stealing than what she steals. Most of the money she gets from stealing goes toward new clothes. She joined the Neverland Army just so she could experience the thrill of war. It's similar to why she enjoys stealing.


Innate Skill Shadow Bind
A widely acclaimed jewelry connoisseur. She is interested in jewelry mainly to augment her attractive features and shapely body. She might seem haughty and stuck-up to some, but really she's just self-confident and sure of herself. She tends to be straightforward and somewhat arrogant. Men fawn over her, of course, but women are similarly impressed by her presence. Even Vanilla quiets down when she's around. The war began while she was visiting ruins with Rosette in hopes of finding rare new jewels. Because these areas were cut off, she decided to join the Neverland Army to help end the war quickly and get back to business.