Rozess Liberation Army

Underestimated by the others, they want to find a path to peace that allows everyone the freedom they deserve.


Innate Skill Meteor Blade
An energetic girl who dreams of becoming a famous hero. Her parents were killed while searching for the Tenma Sword and she was raised by the great warrior Rodney, who was also Chiffon's mentor. After graduating from Varanoire, she spent some time as a chimney sweep. When Chiffon ascended to the throne, he asked her to give up her Tenma Sword. Her refusal created a permanent rift between her and Rodney. She can be a tomboy at times, but she also loves to cook and clean. She's a born leader with a simple charisma. The Rozess Army never would have formed without her help.


Innate Skill Holy Destruction
A brilliant master of the sword and another Varanoire graduate. When he was younger, his parents were mauled to death by wild monsters right in front of him and his younger sister. The intense trauma caused his sister to go blind and instilled a deep hatred for all monsters within him. Over the years, he's learned to control his emotions and no longer loses control whenever he sees a monster. He was training to become a teacher when he found out about the Rozess Army. He decided to join them and left his younger sister in the care of two of his best friends.


Innate Skill Tornado Slash
Meu's closest companion. She dreams of becoming a cartoonist, of all things. She worked in a Varanoire publishing house to get more experience. She's very curious and she's always looking for something new to draw. She joined the Rozess Army thanks to her friends, Norn and Meu, and also because she wanted to gather good story-telling material. She told her publishing company she was going on a fact-finding mission, and plans to return when it's all over. Unlike Meu, she's very steady and reliable. Though, sometimes Meu's capricious personality rubs off on her.


Innate Skill Sakura Slash
Comes from a most distinguished family. She grew up in the shadow of her parents' expectations. She did well in school, but had no sense of purpose in life. The stress of perfection weighed on her, and when she met Meu she decided to start a new life. She enjoys tending her garden and riding horses. She is quiet and calm, with a steel will underneath. Many mistake her for an adept queen, thanks to her regal air. She left a successful college career to join the Rozess Army.


Innate Skill Flying Blast
Meu's former teacher. She's another graduate of the prestigious military training school. Although she's a respected teacher, her students look to her as an older sister and a trustworthy adult, as well. She always has a smile on her face and she never treats girls different from boys. She lost her one true love to war years ago, but she's never shared that side of her with anyone. She graduated at the top of her class at Varanoire and is easily one of the top military minds in all of Neverland. She keeps the Rozess Army operating smoothly and looks after Meu and the others. She might seem like an angel, but she's also a pretty heavy drinker. And there's no stopping her once she gets going. After a few drinks, she tends to hug her closest female friends, which can be awkward at times.


Innate Skill Wolf's Howl
A young warrior scouring the land for greater challenges. His father, Ino, claims to have been a war hero from the First Neverland War. He came to hate his father and ran away from home, but he eventually realized that his power was best used helping instead of hurting. His hatred slowly faded as he became a noble warrior. He then found out that an old friend had joined the Rozess forces. Wanting to fight alongside his comrade, Yen joined the army himself. He's now married with two children. Now, instead of wandering the world, he stays home to take care of his family.


Innate Skill Sandstorm
An elven warrior from Tetra Island. The summoning of Otherworld souls has drained the world of magical power. This destroyed many natural areas, including Giants' Forest. Furious, Arthus gathered a force to attack the Simba forces. His troops were massacred, and he was saved just in time by the Rozess Liberation Army. Owing them his life, he decided to join their cause. He's generally funny and friendly, but he's got a short temper and tends to trust his gut without considering the consequences.


Innate Skill Spark Flame
Choco's slightly older twin sister. Her behavior and speech are literally out of control. She considers herself a dignified lady, but really she's just a troublemaker. She tends to mess up everything, and leave her sister to clean up the remains. The fact that she has incredible magical power just makes things that much worse. Basically, she's a giant pain in the butt. Because she yearns to be a lady, she tends to idolize any proper women she comes in contact with. She joined the Rozess Army because she thought it sounded fun, like a game or a play.


Innate Skill Seraph Storm
Vanilla's slightly younger twin sister. Choco is always following in Vanilla's destructive wake, cleaning up the mess. Vanilla tends to do whatever she wants, and often ends up causing more damage than she prevents. Then Choco comes through, using her healing magic to undo all the carnage. It sounds unfair, but Vanilla's crazy behavior has allowed Choco to become an amazing healer. This delicious duo is known throughout Varanoire.