Reformed Simba Empire Army

The human resistance opposed to demon rule. Humans from all across the world have joined up to fight.


Innate Skill Aura Blade
A young stranger traveling the world of Neverland. He was forced to fight against the Fitishia Liberation Army when they mistook him for a Neverland soldier. Afterwards, he joined the Liberation forces, which would later become the Reformed Simba Empire, under Commander Leila. He does not support the war, but he fights nonetheless to understand why such a war began in the first place. He is quiet and determined, with a strong sense of morals. His swordcraft is among the best in the world.


Innate Skill Spiral Shot
Head Commander for the entire Simba Empire armed forces. Her village was attacked when she was a teenager, and despite severe injuries she picked up a sword and tried to defend the town. Ankrauser found her there and took her under his wing, teaching her the many arts of war. She's the only female commander in the Simba Army, a testament to her undeniable abilities. She is secretly in love with Ankrauser, but her lingering shame and humiliation prevents her from telling him how she really feels.


Innate Skill Quick Slasher
A young man yearning to be a hero. When the Demon Army began its initial insurgence, the Fitishia Liberation Army quickly formed in response. Marx was orphaned due to war, and so he was eager to join the crusade to bring the war to a quick end. He wants to be known as a Neverland hero, but more than anything he wants to prevent any more children from being orphaned by the horror of war.

Valsung Hanaland

Innate Skill Wild Lion
The grandson of the famous Kei Hanaland. Although his parents and grandparents were killed while he was very young, their deaths were burned into his memory. He has never, and will never, forgiven the Demon Army that stole his family from him. He was saved by Ankrauser and forced to live a life of exile. But during this time, Ankrauser taught him the ways of the sword, while Joshua trained his political and psychological skills. He's bided his time, waiting for the perfect chance to restore the old Simba Empire. His chance came, and he managed to restore his empire to all its former glory. His ambition seems to know no bound.


Innate Skill Aqua Mind
A magician trained in the magic capital, Galena. He was orphaned by war and grew up in an orphanage with Marx, his best friend to this day. With the Neverland raid on his home, he and Marx decided to join the Fitishia Liberation Army. His hatred for war and its instigators drives him. He is kind, level- headed, and earnest. He often looks after Marx, who rarely thinks before he acts. But on occasion, Corwin has been known to act a little silly himself.


Innate Skill Saint's Flare
Attended the famous Varanoire Battle School. She was well-known for her love of mushrooms and proverbs. She remained in Varanoire shortly after graduation, until her home country called her back for the war effort. As the war grew, her uncle Lawrence invited her to join the Simba Army, where she began serving under Leila. Normally she's stoic and reserved, but if the subject of mushrooms is brought up, she won't quit talking. She's also fond of taking people mushroom-hunting, which makes some think she's a little looney.


Innate Skill Wild Lion
A Highlander who has earned the nickname "Dark Lion". He is said to be the strongest warrior in the entire Simba Empire. His skill with a sword is matched only by his brilliant strategic mind. He served as the former Simba Empire's commander under Kei Hanaland. They lost the Second Neverland War, and just before his death, Kei charged Ankrauser with the protection of his grandson, Valsung. Ankrauser fled to Boronia with him, becoming his mentor and military trainer. Although he is not devoted to the war, he supports Valsung's efforts, organizing and leading the Fitishia and, later, Simba forces. He is completely loyal to his leader and his position. He is popular among civilians and soldiers alike for being eminently fair and friendly.


Innate Skill Deadly Drive
Some believe his name is a pseudonym that represents his unpredictable, blustering nature. He served as a knight in his homeland, but was exiled for killing a high-ranking military commander; his defense was that the commander was responsible for the senseless deaths of many of his troops. After he left the country, he pursued mercenary jobs and worked for the Fitishia Liberation Army before Ankrauser recruited him into the Reformed Simba Empire. His two favorite hobbies are liquor and women. Because of his thoughtless speech and demeanor, people tend to assume he's a brash, ignorant oaf. But in reality, he had a strong sense of tradition and morality.


Innate Skill Substitution
Raised as a deadly female ninja. She's generally very cheerful and forthright, but once she's in battle her ninja training takes over. She loves to eat. She eats all the time, in fact. She was staying with a friend but had to leave because they couldn't afford to feed her. When the war started, she decided to look for freelance work to pay back her food debt. She happened to meet Naiz and get a job with him serving under Leila.


Innate Skill Tenma Explosion
The oldest member and leader of the Imperial Guard. He has undergone more experiments than any other member--in fact, he has no remaining natural bones or organs. He even has artificial skin to cover his mechanical frame. As a retired member of the former Simba Army, he is fiercely devoted to his leaders, Ankrauser and Valsung, and to the Simba Empire itself. He is by far the most fearsome Imperial Guard.

Zhang Khan

Innate Skill Tiger Claw
Comes from the distinguished Khan family of Garkash. His father, Guan, was once a hero of the whole Khan clan, and although he trained as a mounted warrior, he now studies under a Dragon Fist master. Some say he's even surpassed his own master in power. Zhang was worried that the spreading war would reach to Garkash, so he decides to give himself over to the Simba Empire to ensure his town's safety. He's full of energy, but saves it all for battle, where he displays a rare combination of brute force and careful planning. He is respected for his wisdom and courage.


Innate Skill Venom Shot
Leader of the pirates around the De Argo islands. He is the grandson of the infamous Pirate Shion, the invincible warrior of the First Neverland War. He is very mature for his age and has a natural charisma. He only targets deceitful merchants and corrupt nobles. He first attacked the Neverland Navy because he blamed them for starting the war. He resisted the invading Simba forces and claimed the right of self-governance. He was defeated, but the Simba Army placed him in charge of their naval forces and promised independence for the De Argo Islands. He's very stern for a pirate and, unlike his previous captain, Kashrul, has utmost respect for women. He believes in a simple, devoted lifestyle.


Innate Skill Shock Burst
Commander in the Reformed Simba Army. He was an original member of the Fitishia Liberation Army and rose quickly through the Simba ranks. His promotion to commander is remarkable because standard procedure was to promote only those who were veteran members of the former Simba regime. He is a strict military man, but he has an inviting attitude. He is kind to superiors and underlings alike. He became Leila's advisor when she was promoted to Head Commander.


Innate Skill Power for You
Has a special ability that turns her spoken words into real truths. This ability is sealed within her pendant. Long ago, she severely injured a friend with her power, which traumatized her and severely hampered her social growth. Since then, she's honed her ability to keep it in control at all times and use it only to help others. She later discovered her friend was serving under Head Commander Leila. Leila offered her a spot in the Simba Medical Corps, which she accepted.