Attack Options

In Spectral Souls, there's no difference between the execution of physical and magical attacks. Regular attacks, magical attacks, and special skills all function the same way. For instance, a physical attack and magical attack might both be part of the same Chain Skill. Keep in mind that certain characters will still have elemental or physical weaknesses to consider.

Basic Skill

Abilities that can be assigned and used by any character (so long as that character has the proper Skill Rank and Slot Type).

Innate Skills

Unique abilities that only certain characters can use. Each skill has a certain SP Rank that must be reached in battle before it can be used.

Chain Skills

Special abilites that are unlocked by combining other skills through Charge or Hold. Dozens of these attacks exist; you can discover them either by finding certain items or through simple experimentation.

Create new attacks by combining individual abilities
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Example of a six-person Chain Skill

Special Chain Skill

An attack created by combining certain Innate Skills together. Although the conditions for these abilities are harder to meet, they are much stronger than regular Chain Skills.A combo move created by a certain combination of Innate Skills. Many of these are stronger than Chain Skills, but the conditions for activation are harder to fulfil.

As with normal Chain Skills, up to 6 allies can participate in Special Chain Skills

Supreme Combo Attack!
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Consecutive Attacks

Not every combination of attacks will create a Chain Skill. However, you can still string together multiple attacks to increase total damage. Your Chain Gauge will increase for every successful attack, and the higher it goes, the more damage you deal!

The longer the CHAIN, the greater the PAIN