You can synthesize between 2 to 4 items together. After you select the desired item from the list, it will be entered as a Synthesis Item.

Any items used for synthesis will be lost permanently

How to Synthesize
By synthesizing the proper combinations, you can create new and powerful items.

Even if you don't follow the recipe, you can still combine and create random items.

Many powerful items can be discovered through synthesis, which will be crucial in defeating the strongest enemies. Generally, the items you can synthesize will be more effective than those found in Item Shops, and a number of synthesized weapons and armor will come with special bonuses and abilities. Use Synthesis wisely to give yourself a much-needed advantage throughout the game!


"Capture" is a unique skill that allows you to catch monsters and turn them to your benefit.

When a monster has less than 5% of its total HP remaining, you have a good chance of catching it by using the Capture skill. (The exact probability changes based on the skill level of the user.)
When you capture a monster, they will be transformed into a skill that you can equip and use from that point forward. Most mosters that can be captured will be found near the Otherworld Gate, although some regular Event Map creatures can also be captured.