Battle System

1. Timeshift Battle

The Timeshift Battle system allows you to view the character turn order and plan your strategy accordingly. When a character reaches the far left of the ATG bar, it’s their turn to act. Every action in battle requires AP, and every action other than Move can be used so long as you have enough AP (Move can only be used once per turn). If you save some of your AP when you end your turn, your next turn will come up that much sooner. Pay attention to the ATG bar and use your AP wisely to attack more often without fear of enemy counterattack.

2. Charge

Charge allows multiple characters to combine attacks, and relies on proper use of the Timeshift Battle system. You’ll gain bonus damage for each additional attack in the chain. Along with the Hold command, charge will expand your combat potential exponentially.

3. Hold

Hold allows one character to use several attacks in a row. While it grants no Charge bonus for multiple attacks, the chain counter will still increase for every strike you land, amping up the amount of damage you deal and experience you receive. If you combine certain attacks using Charge/Hold, you can unleash more powerful Chain Skills.

4. Innate Skills

Innate Skills are skills specific to certain characters that allow them to deal immense damage. Just like normal skills, they can be used with Charge and Hold, so make sure to plan ahead and inflict maximum pain!

5. Special Chain Skills

If you use the right Innate Skills in conjunction with Charge, you can cut loose with incredibly devastating attacks. The combinations can be tricky to set up, but the payoff is more than worth it when you’re up against an especially tough enemy.

Summoned Beasts